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Here is a list of random software, videos, and other goodies that I have collected over the years that are either hard to find on the internet, or that I just felt like uploading here. Enjoy! All of these should fall under "fair use", but if they don't, please contact me, and I will remove them. I'll probably upload more stuff here eventually, as well as some of my own projects if they ever come to fruition.

EVGA NForce 680i SLI Companion CD

This went along with a motherboard I used to own. It features all sorts of cool drivers, manuals, & extra crap. Perfect if you own one of these boards.I found finding all of these indivudually to be somewhat of a challenge so here is everything you need in one place.

Download here (250MB)

GigaByte Intel Companion CD

This contains all the drivers & software for GigaByte desktop motherboards with the Intel P35 Chipset.Some of the software will work with other GigaByte motherboards.

Download here (1GB)

Nvidia Orb Desktop Screensaver

This is from the days of GeForce 4 at least. I thought it was pretty entertaining to run and see the rudimentary graphical rendering.


Download here (2MB)

GigaByte Desktop Screensaver

This came installed on a CD with an old motherboard I found and I thought it was pretty fun, so I'm sharing it here, as I couldn't find it elsewhere.

Download here (4MB)

Windows XP "Zune" Theme

This came with Microsoft Zune media players. It is what I install nearly everytime I install XP. This will only run on Windows XP. Please don't try it on anything else. It won't do anything


Download here (1.6MB)